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Dolphin World – a dolphinarium of the new age!

Dolphin World is one of the most perspective and successful Egyptian dolphinariums. Being planned in 2004, it was opened to public only in 2010! The board of the dolphinarium was intended to make it a real nugget of the country so it required a great amount of time to get everything settled and to build this palace of dream.

Now we can only have a single glance to make sure: the time spent totally proved its value! Dolphin World was designed and constructed meeting all the modern requirements to keeping sea animals. We tried our best to make it an unforgettable and comfortable place both for animals and people and we succeeded in doing it!

Meeting the world of the wild

Dolphin World is not only a place to have fun. We give to you an excellent opportunity to meet the world of marine mammals and learn to love and care about it.

We also represent swimming with dolphins and various educating programs for you to come in contact with our actors. If you need health rehabilitation, we strongly recommend you a course of dolphintherapy.

The guests of Dolphin World deserve best of the best!

We also spent much time to make our dolphinarium the place you will love to come back to. The large hall includes 1200 places and 2 stages. All seats are of enhanced comfort.

Before seeing the show you are invited to our café where you will be offered exotic food and drinks. We have also maintained play grounds for you babies not to be bored until a captivating performance begins.


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Dolphin World is a home for marine mammals!

We are proud to say we have established ideal conditions for our animals. Our actors live in large pools accomplished with the latest filter equipment. The water in their “apartments” is always pure and fresh. The demonstrative pool is 30х17 and 6 meters deep.

The animals are surrounded with an experienced and trained staff – veterinaries, trainers, husbandry specialists. This is a reliable and strong-knit team that cares about animals’ health. They are not only employees and paternalized animals – they’re big and loving family!

We hope Dolphin World will be a small piece of paradise for you!