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You can see the show every day at 3 p.m. except Tuesday.

We are proud to note the unique staff of «Dolphin World». Some of our stars are unique representatives of their specie on the African continent and would never meet in their natural habitat. The trained and gifted marine mammals under auspices of their trainers have prepared an unforgettable program full of surprises and breath-taking discoveries. The fur seals Smelaya and Agate, the walrus Leela, the sea lion Dimas and the dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim will never erase from your memory!

The sea actors sing and dance, they talk and play with the audience.


The 2-year-old walrus Leela, the youngest actress of the dolphinarium, will not leave either children or adults indifferent. Leela is a wonderful vocalist, she can play various musical instruments and dance like a goddess. She is fond of playing with her spectators and even propounding riddles to them!

Our hot Chili alpha-male, the13-year-old South American sea lion Dimas is sure to astonish you with his physical education. Dimas adores beach volleyball and surfing. He is capable to act very quickly in case anybody sinks.

The Dolphin World’s dynamic duo, the fur seals Smelaya and Agate will make you laugh and amaze everybody with their moving affection. They will impress you with their acrobatic abilities. Moreover, Smelaya and Agate have a gift of turning the most boring set of exercises into a real celebration.

The high light of the show is the performance by the world best stars – the Black Sea dolphins Sabrina, Gena, Fiona and Gerasim. They represent one of the brightest brilliants from the dolphinarium’s treasures. You will be delighted with the dolphins’ incredible ability to draw, sing and dance. Sabrina and Gerasim always gift the ecstatic audience with streams of emotions, splashes of happiness and leaps of luck.

After the show you can have a photo of our animals and yourself.

The price of a picture with a fur seal or the walrus: 15$
The price of a picture with the dolphins: 15$

Photos will be ready in five minutes. The attendants are not allowed to have a photo with the sea lion according to