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Dear guests of "Dolphin World" dolphinarium,

For those of you who are interested in unforgettable experience of swimming with dolphins, "Dolphin World" team reminds several simple rules.

Children under 3 are not admitted to swim with dolphins.

Children upward 3 are allowed to swim with dolphins only if they are accompanied by an adult who can swim. A life- jacket is essential (the payment for two person is required in this case).

Pregnant ladies are not admitted to swim with dolphins.

Children with alternative ways of growth or with locomotor system diseases are allowed to swimming only in life-jacket. The presence of an adult who can swim is essential.

In case of force major you should listen attentively to the trainer's instructions. Be kind to fulfill all his or her requirements as your safety demands it.

You should pull back your hair neatly before going into the pool.

Before swimming please take off all your accessory (rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.), otherwise you can hurt dolphins.

Before diving into the pool you are to take a shower and put on a bathing suit, then please put on a wetsuit and change your shoes.

Please change your shoes right after having a shower and walk in them until you come up to the pool.

Please take a towel when you go to the pool (the towel given does not require additional payment).

In case the client decided not to swim after effecting the payment, the monety are returned only if you have not entered the pool. However, if you or your child change your mind in water, the dolphinarium returns no funds. We can offer one of the client's relatives to swim instead of him or her.

We can suggest contacting a dolphin from the platform of a photoset by the pool.

Anyway, we do everything to satisfy the client.

You are welcome to find additional information about swimming with dolphins on the website.

"Dolphin World" wishes you a nice week!


Dear guests of "Dolphin World" dolphinarium,

You are welcome to know all relevant information about "Dolphin World" performances:

- by phone: +201119788892

- by e-mail: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a nice day!


Dear friends,

"Dolphin World" team wishes all tourists from Russia the fastest restoration of flights to sunny Hurghada - we have prepared a lot of positive and interesting offers for you.

All the rest are welcome to visit our bright and remarkable performances with marine animals.

Have a wonderful day!