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Premature Babies – Moving portraits of newborns and what they have become

 Émile, born at 26 weeks, Charles born at 26 weeks

Quebecker photographer Red Methot, aka RedM has created a series of moving portraits of premature children, paralleling newborns and what they have become. By photographing these children holding in their hands a picture taken at the time of their birth, RedM illustrates in a single image the strength and the road traveled by these people who often had a difficult journey in early life.

Juliette, born at 30 weeks, Zachary, born at 27 weeks, Anais born at 25 weeks

Lexiani, born at 25 weeks, Léonard, born at 35 weeks, Margo, born at 29 weeks

Noah, born at 32 weeks. His twin Victoria, on the left, who died after 1 month of life
Noah et Nathan, born at 32 weeks, Samuel, born at 36 weeks

Olivier, born at 31 weeks, his sister Ariane, born at 33 weeks and their brother Noah, born at 34

Samuel, born at 36 weeks, and his sister Alice, born at 27 weeks, Thomas, born at 23 weeks

Félix, born at 24 weeks, Chloia,born at 32 weeks, Thomas, born at 29 weeks