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The visitors of Dolphin World can make pictures on their own!

Our visitors love photos of themselves with marine mammals is. It is a fabulous treat to have a picture of you and your favourite actor and to remember your visit to the Dolphinarium for the rest of your life. We are happy to provide our friends such an opportunity and make the shooting as convenient as possible.

It’s no secret that the majority prefers to make pictures of themselves on their own cameras. Unlike many dolphinariums Dolphin World allows the visitors to do so. The prices remain the same in this case – 10$ with the walrus and the fur seals and 20$ with the dolphins. If you are willing to have the photos made on your camera on paper, you are to pay extra 5 dollars. Thus the photo with dolphins will make 25$, and the photo with a walrus and fur seals – 15$.

Mind that photos are ready in five minutes after shooting.