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Social groups

Dolphin World offers you family dolphin therapy

The most frequent clients of Dolphin World are kids and teenagers. However, moms and dads can undergo a dolphin therapy course with their children, too! First, little ones are often more confident while accompanied by their elder relatives. Second, both parents and children feel better after swimming with dolphins together. There’s nothing like this!

Family dolphin therapy is practiced in many dolphinariums. It helps both to gain health and raise one’s tonicity. Moreover, the members of family get really closer and learn to understand each other better. The psychologists of Dolphin World help dolphins to reach this goal.

We are happy that dolphin therapy in Dolphin World helps not only to recover but also to gain (or re-gain) love and understanding. The dolphinarium has been preparing for such sessions  for years and now we are glad people attend them and get better. The prices remain the same– 1 session per 1 person is 165€ . Looking forward to see you in Dolphin World!