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Dolphinarium Dolphin World makes models

How to save memories of the best time of your life? “Photos” sounds like the most obvious answer. Everyone who visits the dolphinarium adores to have a picture of themselves and the animals taken. Dolphin World guests are allowed to be captured in the company of dolphins, the fur seals and the walrus. Who is the most popular?

It turned out that the majority prefers dolphins. “These animals are very kind and calm, it’s a treat to deal with them”, says one of the guests. Their comrades are not deprived of attention as well. The fur seals Agat and Smelaya and the walrus Lila are also highly appreciated in the photos.

Daresay that the animals don’t leave this favour unanswered and pose in front of the cameras. Lila seems to enjoy the process most of all. This actress was not awarded the title  "Miss Charming" in the "Chukotka Fashion Models in vain – the dolphinarium is proud of her gracious and natural manner in from of the photographer. The visitors say that the animals are not only actors and sportsmen but models as well.

You can see the prices on photos here