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Dolphin as a true brother of a man

The word “dolphin” has its roots in the ancient Greek word “delfos”, which means “brother”. And these mammals deserved not even once the right to be named this way. 

The first references about the dolphins as saviors’ peoples’ lives were found in the Antiquity.  Notes about many people in a desperate situation, rescued by dolphins and thrown to the shore were not rare. Such descriptions might be discovered in the works of Aristotle, Plutarch and Pliny the Elder.

In addition to this, there were many mentions about the friendship between the human and the dolphin. It is a known story of the seaside city of Yeses, where the boy called Dionysius went to the shore every day and every day the dolphin rode him on the back. There are explorers’ records about the dolphin that regularly transferred the boy across the lagoon. There are also many records of Polynesians about their legends, where the flock of dolphins rescued the sailors after shipwrecks.  

However, all these cases might be considered to become old, but the events from our current past clearly demonstrated the essence of a true friendship between man and dolphin. In 1943 the Natural History scientific magazine has published an article about a woman, swam into a deep place. She was so terrified and scared about the fact she couldn’t be saved that lost her conscience. When she recovered she felt that someone dragged her.  It turned out that she was rescued by the dolphin that floated not far from her. The dolphin picked her and assisted in reaching the shoreline. This story was also confirmed by the eyewitness, who had seen the dolphin, pushing out the woman on the shore. 

Another case is also known. On the 4-th of June 1966 an engineer from Cairo, Mahmud Wally, decided to go on a sea fishing. He was caught by the storm in the area of an open sea, and the high wave thrown him out from the boat. At the very last moment Mahmud was managed to grab the rescue mattress.  He had spent a day in this way until he was found by the group of dolphins, which pushed out both the mattress and him closer to the coastline. The ship of the coast guard discovered this awesome picture of dolphins, one by one dragging the mattress and the man, and came to help them. 

There are many similar stories, and all of them may persuade us that from ancient times in every critical situation dolphins helped and rescued us. They were always our indeed friends.

However, it is not necessary to be in need or in danger you may just simply swim with dolphins and feel their friendly atmosphere. In our dolphinarium you are welcome to have a pleasant and completely safe opportunity to play and to swim with our dolphins. You are also welcome to make photos with dolphins in order to bring the little pieces of sweet memories to your homes.