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Dolphin's story

This story is going to be a little bit sad, but with the happy ending. Frankly speaking, this story is about overcoming the difficulties.

Once upon a time there was a dolphin, called Winter. He was found by the fishermen near the coastline of Florida in 2005. His tailflipper was practically teared by the crab. This dolphin was placed into the dolphinarium, and most of the people didn't bet on his survival.

Veterinarians had to amputate the flipper, and the matter of Winter's survival raised again, twice for the short period of time. At first, for him it was incredibly hard to swim, but by and by he overcame the difficulty...and started to fight with the new enemy - scoliosis. The probable future of the dolphin was covered by the darkness.

6 years later Winter is still alive and lives well despite his amputated flipper. Even the science itself decided to support him - an artificial tailflipper was developed and installed for Winter. For some timeperiod it was very hard to swim with the artificial bodypart, but then he managed to live with this part and be very well at swimming. The bet became succesfull)