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The 23-rd of June: international Olympic day

The tradition of organizing and participating in olympic games has a long and interesting history. This tradition was created in Ancient Greece as a religious cult. The games were conducted annually from 776 B.C. to 394 A.D. in the sacred place of Olympia. In honor of this place the games were named "Olympic".

Later, by the end of the XIX century, this tradition was revived by the famous activist and enthusiast Pierre de Coubertin. Modern Olympic Games is the place, where we can joy an interesting competitons, feel the spirit of truthfull fairplay and perceive an unavoidable wish to be better, faster, stronger.

However, this slogan is not only relevant for the Olympic field, we are able to spread it in our everyday lives and become a bit better. So, in this bright day we wish you to be better and kinder.