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Bright moments

Miracles are rare, especially nowadays, but still they are happen to be.

There are people, who aren't able to walk. The main sorrow is that it has happened not because of the crush, or accident, but since the day of birth.

Egor Sozinov, a 4 year old kid has a cerebral palsy since his birthday, he was deprived of joy to walk on his own feet, and the happiness of watching their babie's first steps was unfamiliar to his parents.

Egor's parents have visited our dolphintherapy sessions three times and almost always booked a course of 20 sessions.

We are proud of the fact that Egor has made his first steps in our dolphintherapy center, we are proud for the reason that we feel our communion to something really big and valuable, to something really bright.

We will be glad to do everything we can to share this pieces of happyness with you and your kids.

You can find all specific information about our dolphintherapy center by visiting our website:

We will be happy to help you.