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Our actors: bottlenose dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim

Bottle-nose dolphin SABRINA – this aristocratic and elegant lady is very proud of herself. Beautiful, intelligent and well-bread SABRINA has deserved the glory of being a gifted actress. She never gives up and does her best to achieve more.

We are sure that she is going to conquer many mountaintops, no matter how unapproachable they may seem at first sight. SABRINA loves GERASIM, her trainer and fish.

Bottle-nose dolphin GERASIM – this fellow is a great actor and sportsman and a versatile personality. Young, temperamental and gifted GERASIM has conquered hearts of the audience and deserved the fame of a star.

GERASIM can boast his sports achievements and gives much time to keep fit. Despite his bright career, he has no ill-willers among the other actors due to his friendly and outgoing character.