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Our actors:Fur seals Agat and Smelaya (Russian equivalent for the word "Brave")

Fur seal Smelaya - one of the smartest actresses of DOLPHIN WORLD. This miniature lady is gifted with a remarkable scenic talent. Being hard-working and ambitious, Smelaya has made a wonderful career – though she is only 20! She may seem fragile, but all our guests are aware of what a wonderful gymnast Smelaya is.

She is never afraid of challenge and new sports experience. Smelaya is devoted to her sweetheart and best friend, the fur seal Agat.

Fur seal Agat - one of the best sportsmen of DolphinWorld and a partner of Smelaya. This actor is loved by all guests. Being incredibly adroit and gifted, he is as sporty and artistic as his girlfriend –however, these caring and faithful partners will never be able to be rivals.

Smelaya is not the only person who loves Agat – all his friends appreciate his perfect manners, outgoingness and politeness.

You are always welcome to make sure about these facts and visit our shows!