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Friendly dolphins will assist to cope with autism!

In the year of 1978 the British scientists have noticed the positive effect that dolphins provided for kids. In 90-ties years of XX century dolphin assisted therapy has begun to be used widely for special kids’ treatment.
The Nuremberg scientists (Germany) were the first who decided to use this method of therapy.

Dolphin assisted therapy is one of the non-traditional methods of psychotherapy, centralized on the aspect of human-dolphin interaction.
Marine animals may help to correct such disorders, as child autism and cerebral palsy and also might be useful to treat different kinds of neurosis. The interaction with dolphins might cause positive effect to the human psyche and calm the patient after severe stresses.
For the last years the popularity of this kind of therapy arisen. More and more psychotherapists apply to this kind of therapy to treat kids’ autism.

Dolphin assisted therapy causes a complex effect on autistic child. It improves not only physical condition of child, but also affects his psycho emotional sphere. Ultrasonic waves, produced by dolphin, affect positively to the locomotion activity of an autistic child and being in sea water makes him relaxed and calmed.
Marine animals are very communicative, that is why the autistic children swim with them with joy, play and exchange the non-verbal information.
During sessions the autistic children may feel a lot of bright emotions that may be the impact to recovery. Easy going and talkative mammals are able to stir even the autistic confined human being.
After the dolphin assisted therapy sessions the autistic child became in a good mood and with a smile on his face.
The number of sessions for every autistic child is individual and depends on the stage of disorder and psychological traits of a child. Specialists advise to pass through several courses of dolphin assisted therapy.

Need to take into consideration, that marine friends prefer the cool water, that is why before taking the dolphin assisted therapy session it is worth to attend a swimming pool with child with the water temperature of +28 degrees, and try to learn swimming and diving.
The interaction with dolphin helps to the autistic child to be taken out from his encircled world, develops his interest to the social interactions, stimulates the process of individuality development, fills the space of positive emotions, helps the child to get rid of loneliness and strengthens the contact of an autistic child with the therapist. This is also a good touch stimulator that helps the speech development and sensory motor skills development from autistic children.

Dolphin assisted therapy gives wonderful results in the area of treating of children's autism. The positive effect was noticed in 97 cases out of 100.

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