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How may dolphin assisted therapy assist with children hyperactivity syndrome treatment

Psychologies claim that hyperactive children are the children with brightly expressed hyper dynamic syndrome.
Signs of hyper dynamic syndrome (the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity): excessive restlessness, fussiness and motor mobility of child.
Such kids are different from their peers by the high motor mobility starting from their age of 2.
First of all, children’s hyperactivity appears in impaired fine motor skills and impaired coordination. These kids sometimes have troubles with teeth brushing, wash and go to restroom. Other distinctive traits of hyperactivity are frequent mood changes and stubbornness.
Hyperactive children are often called “motors”, “with eternal engine” or “pinwheels” for the reason they are always in motion, without a chance to stay without moving for even a single minute.

At school such kids are writing inaccurate and with a lot of blots. They are extremely inattentive, unfocused, always switch from one aim to another and distract by any reason during lessons. For them it is hard to sit behind a desk for entire lesson.
Despite all mentioned above, hyperactive children are very talented and intellectually developed, which was proved by a great number of researches, but it is extremely hard for them to concentrate and organize their own work. They are different by their high mental abilities and unordinary in everything. If they have managed to concentrate on something, the success is granted. Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake – the most relevant examples of people with hyper dynamic syndrome.

That is why it is important to help your child and use the complex approach in hyperactivity treating. One of the most effective methods of children hyperactivity treating is the method of dolphin assisted therapy.
Dolphins are very friendly, communicative and sociable creatures. Only a few people remain indifference while observing these wonderful animals. Especially they cause response from kids, even among the kids who has problems with moving and only try to communicate and interact.
After sessions of dolphin assisted therapy hyperactive children become calmer, the dream is getting better, the attention concentration is increasing.

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