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Dolphin World is grateful to you for your letters

The major goal of Dolphin World is to gift all our spectators with positive feelings. That is why we are concerned by our guests’ feedback. We are always happy see delight in your eyes during the show. And your letters are real joy for us. The references let us realize what is loved by our guests and what needs to be accomplished and worked on. And your kind words help us to see that we do not try in vain.

Some people email Dolphin World. It is a real pleasure for us to learn what tricks are your favorite and what the most memorable moments for you were. The “hit” letter was the one form our young admirer from Russia. The boy was so impressed by musical performances by our walrus Lila that he made up his mind to become a musician. And even he will choose another occupation when he grows up, it is marvelous that visiting Dolphin World was such an amazement for him.

The staff of Dolphin World is always glad to receive your letters –please leave your references in the guest book or email us at 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.