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First steps: Dolphin World miracle

“Our baby can walk!” First baby steps bring parents to heaven and send them into raptures. But only ones whose child used to be restrained by illness, can feel full taste of happiness and victory at seeing their kid toddle. There has been a significant event in Dolphin World recently – the 4-year old- Egor Sozinov affected ICP began to leg for the first time.

Egor came to Dolphin World with his parents who ordered for him a dolphin therapy course of 22 sessions. However, communications with dolphins, exercises under the guidance of our trainer and water have done what seemed impossible. The boy’s health improved rapidly, and after his 9th session he began to walk without assistance of adults!

Dolphin World congratulates Egor and his family with this unbelievable achievement. We wish Egor health and happiness, may the dark clouds never overshadow his horizon again. It will be a pleasure for us to see him and his parents at our shows!