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Dolphin World: contact is to be joy!

The Dolphin World visitors come both the watch the show and meet the actors. Swimming with dolphins is a dream for all of them. The guests often would like their children to enjoy swimming with the animals as well. But what shall parents do if a kid suddenly rejects swimming? How shall they get their money back? How to raise everyone’s spirits after such a hardship?

The dolphinarium returns money only if a child has changed his or her mind before going to the pool. However, if you kid decided not to swim being in water already, the funds are not usually returned. Anyway, the staff of the dolphinarium does everything to remedy the situation. For instance, parents of other relatives of the reluctant clients are granted with the opportunity to swim instead of them . If children are afraid of water, they can just contact dolphins from the platform. Dolphin World also arranges photosets by the pool for those who are unwilling to swim.

Anyhow, we will help you to find a decision that will suit you! It will be an honor for us to see you and your children at Dolphin World!