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Just a call to get a dolphins show ticket!

How to see a dolphins show at Dolphin World? You can, for instance, buy a ticket in tourists’ shops of the city or in aqua centers of Hurgada. Also you can purchase it in the hotels of Hurgada. It’s also possible to call the dolphinarium and book a ticket.

Thousands of ways, as you can see. We have carried out an investigation to find out how our visitors purchase their tickets. The majority turned out to reserve seats by phone. There’s no surprise – it is more convenient, easier and you needn’t to walk anywhere. Moreover, it takes those who called to Dolphin World no time to get to see the show. We send a taxi for you, and it will take you to the dolphinarium and back.

We are happy that reserving tickets is such a success. Looking forward to see you at dolphins and other animals show!