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Dolphinarium “Aquatoria”: best wishes, dear moms!

Mother… She’s your first friend, a wise advisor, strict but fair counselor and just a person for whom you will always be №1. It’s a pity that sometimes we lack time to tell them how much we love them. However, there was a chance to right the ship. It was Mother’s Day – a chance to do something pleasant for your mom or just tell her: “ I love you!”

Dear moms! The Dolphinarium congratulates you on your day. May you always be happy and beloved, may your children always be healthy. WE are happy to see you at the dolphinarium shows.  It’s a great reward for us to see you and your children happy and having fun. Come to “Aquatoria” with your children!
P.S. Mind – you can not only treat your children but you as well! You can book a swimming with dolphins session or a dolphin therapy course at  our dolphinarium.