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Pictures of dolphin therapy and a disk as a present!

Having a good time is not the only reason of going to Egypt for Dolphin World guests. Dolphin therapy is one more excuse of seeing Hurgada and our animals. Dolphins helped lots of our patients to get rid of serious diseases. Is it surprising that our guests have fabulous memories of their trip to Egypt? “Dolphin therapy is the thing we’d like to remember for the rest of our lives”, one client confessed. Well, it is possible. What can save memories better than… photos?

The pictures of dolphin therapy can be made either with your or our camera. 1 photo is 10$. Those who order more than 7 pictures will receive a present. Dolphin World will record a disk with all pictures of dolphin therapy for them. We hope they will cherish the memories of your journey to Egypt. Dolphin therapy is happiness for people and animals. May the pictures recall you of this joy again and again!