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Transfer policy

Dear visitors and friends of our dolphinarium and dolphin therapy center,

We remind you that you are welcome to use transfer from the hotel you are staying in to our dolphinarium and dolphin therapy center. The transfer is included to our services.

You may specify all organizational and technical issues by calling:
+201001173378   +201119788892
or write an e-mail: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have a good day!

Information about the shows

Dear friends,

We remind you that the performance can boast a unique set of animals that you will never see anywhere else in Africa. The trained and gifted marine mammals under auspices of their trainers have prepared an unforgettable program full of surprises and breath-taking discoveries. The fur seals Smelaya and Agate, the walrus Leela, the sea lion Dimas and the dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim will never erase from your memory!

You are always welcome to purchase our tickets:

- in the hotel you are staying in;
- in the tourists shops of the city;
- in aquacentres of the beaches of Hurgada.

The cost of the tickets (including the transportation):

- for adults and teenagers elder than 12 - 35$
- for children (aged from 5 to 12) - 17$
- for children under 5 is free.

You are welcome to make photos with the animals after the show.

The prices for photo (A5 size):

- with a dolphin - 15$;
- with a fur seal - 15$;
- with a walrus - 15$.

The photos will be ready in 5 minutes.

Have a nice day!

Dolphin World review

Dolphin World dolphinarium review

Today "Aquatoria Daily" has done practically nothing for telling you about the Dolphin World dolphinarium in Hurghada. The visitors of this place have already done it instead of us.

"The outdoor dolphinarium is situated in the desert, 15 minutes by car from the sea shore.
The shows are superb, and not only the dolphins are remarkable. Children were outstandingly pleased. Swimming with dolphin has charged them by positive energy for several months."(c) Andrey

"Fascinating shows" (c) Lenock

"Everyone is beautiful. Marvelous show!" (c) Volshanka

"Didn't you swim with the dolphins? This is my dream!" (c) Enzhe

"Dolphins are always making me smiling, and such shows make me wonder how the simple animals can be trained to make such tricks!"(c) Valvas1957

"The female walrus is the best!"(c) anastasiya

You may watch a movie about the dolphinarium via link:

You may specify the information about Dolphin World on the official website: (Dolphin World dolphin therapy)

The Dolphin World's address:

Egypt, Hurghada, Macadi Bay, Dolphin World

You may specifically call to +201001173378  +201119788892  for more information,
or write e-mail: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have a nice weekend!

A bit of statistic

Dear friends of "Dolphin World" dolphinarium and our dolphintherapy center,

For the past 7 months (the period from January to July) 44.269 people have attended our dolphinarium, from which:

- Adults: 32.678 people

- Children: 11.591 people

We have also received a great number of good, positive feedbacks about our shows, were glad to hear and take your opinion into consideration. We will do our best to be better in future.

A relevant number of people have attended our dolphintherapy sessions, improved their health and the health of their relatives and beloved ones.

We are proud by the fact to assist you by real help, apart from our shows.

Our team is grateful to you and, as always, wishes you a good day, expect to see you soon!

New news source

Today we have special news for you.

We are announcing a new project in all social networks – "Aquatoria Daily" public pages, which goals are popularization of dolphinariums, marine parks, and marine mammals' theatres. This project will also aimed on promotion of our special events and new projects.

We are also going to collect your suggestions, announce interesting contests and games, and generally be better and better.

For the past several years we have built stable, good and warm relations with you – we see it in your feedbacks and through your opinions about us, and we do appreciate that. You are a big sociable society – and this is good.

We would like to invite you on a joint field of "Aquatoria Daily", in order to grant you an opportunity of having an access to a new and relevant information sets about all our news and events. To arrange for you an opportunity to match the news of our different branches, to decide what to attend, and where to go.

World doesn't stand still, and we want you to broad its borders together with us.

"Aquatoria Daily" will be equally informative in its 4 options

- - in vk

- - on facebook

- - in odnoklassniki

- - in twitter

to grant you an opportunity to choose where to be.

The news will also be spread to the following resources:

- - youtube channel, where you can observe the fresh video content.

- Google plus

In time and with your assistance "Aquatoria Daily" will become the full and relevant informational and news source, in a great number of social and entertainment spheres.

We are going to start "Aquatoria Daily" project from Monday, September, 8, 2014, that is the reason we are announcing the source beforehand and offer you to join it. Even at the current moment it has more, than a thousand photo materials and a lot of video content.

Join us – it is going to be interesting!