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We are grateful for the warm feedbacks

"That''s one of the gratest places to attend with a child. Dolphins are the best and the most friendly creatures on Earth. We were fond of the show, daughters were fascinated. Made  lots of pictures" (c) Luda

"Great show, kids were in a great mood. Dolphins, the walrus, fur seals were superb. The whole show is fantastic" (c) anna18

"What a great photos! We were in Hurghada this summer, but we haven't heard about the dolphinarium. We will definitely attend this dolphinarium next summer!" (c) Nastienisch

"We have just arrived. The show is very good, all coaches are Russians. Animals are great! " (c) Kate

"Dolphins are always fascinating!" (c) ladyel

The team of Dolphin World dolphinarium is grateful for good feedbacks about our shows and will be happy to see you again, dear visitors!

Dolphintherapy information (updated)

Dear friends,

We remind you that in our therapy center specialists guarantee the list of services, such as:

- doctor consultation

- dolphintherapy session in a pool with dolphins (10 minutes on a dais and 20 minutes in water)

- session with the psychologist

- physiotherapy session

The cost of 1 session is 165 EUR).

The successful course of dolphintherapy usually consists of 10 sessions.

You may ask additional questions by phone: +201001173378   +201119788892, or write an e-mail: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We wish you a good day!

The visit of celebrity in Dolphin World

Dear guests of the Dolphin World dolphinarium,

We inform you proudly, that recently we were attended by the famous actress Angelina Mikhailovna Vovk.

Angelina Mikhailovna was fond of our shows and swimming with dolphins.

Your relatives and you can also have a feeling of joy and happiness by visiting our shows and dolphins swimming.

Our team is looking forward to see you!

Our actors:Fur seals Agat and Smelaya (Russian equivalent for the word "Brave")

Fur seal Smelaya - one of the smartest actresses of DOLPHIN WORLD. This miniature lady is gifted with a remarkable scenic talent. Being hard-working and ambitious, Smelaya has made a wonderful career – though she is only 20! She may seem fragile, but all our guests are aware of what a wonderful gymnast Smelaya is.

She is never afraid of challenge and new sports experience. Smelaya is devoted to her sweetheart and best friend, the fur seal Agat.

Fur seal Agat - one of the best sportsmen of DolphinWorld and a partner of Smelaya. This actor is loved by all guests. Being incredibly adroit and gifted, he is as sporty and artistic as his girlfriend –however, these caring and faithful partners will never be able to be rivals.

Smelaya is not the only person who loves Agat – all his friends appreciate his perfect manners, outgoingness and politeness.

You are always welcome to make sure about these facts and visit our shows!

Our actors: bottlenose dolphins Sabrina and Gerasim

Bottle-nose dolphin SABRINA – this aristocratic and elegant lady is very proud of herself. Beautiful, intelligent and well-bread SABRINA has deserved the glory of being a gifted actress. She never gives up and does her best to achieve more.

We are sure that she is going to conquer many mountaintops, no matter how unapproachable they may seem at first sight. SABRINA loves GERASIM, her trainer and fish.

Bottle-nose dolphin GERASIM – this fellow is a great actor and sportsman and a versatile personality. Young, temperamental and gifted GERASIM has conquered hearts of the audience and deserved the fame of a star.

GERASIM can boast his sports achievements and gives much time to keep fit. Despite his bright career, he has no ill-willers among the other actors due to his friendly and outgoing character.