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Bright moments

Miracles are rare, especially nowadays, but still they are happen to be.

There are people, who aren't able to walk. The main sorrow is that it has happened not because of the crush, or accident, but since the day of birth.

Egor Sozinov, a 4 year old kid has a cerebral palsy since his birthday, he was deprived of joy to walk on his own feet, and the happiness of watching their babie's first steps was unfamiliar to his parents.

Egor's parents have visited our dolphintherapy sessions three times and almost always booked a course of 20 sessions.

We are proud of the fact that Egor has made his first steps in our dolphintherapy center, we are proud for the reason that we feel our communion to something really big and valuable, to something really bright.

We will be glad to do everything we can to share this pieces of happyness with you and your kids.

You can find all specific information about our dolphintherapy center by visiting our website:

We will be happy to help you.

Dolphintherapy sessions information

Dear friends, interested in our dolphin therapy sessions,

We are updating and systematising the information for your convenience.

- Our dolphin therapy center is opened for you every day, except Tuesday.

- The sessions of dolphin therapy usually start at 9.20 a.m. and end by 12 o'clock.

- In case of many requests for the dolphin therapy sessions our center will be opened earlier and will be closed later.

In our therapy center specialists guarantee the list of services, such as:

- doctor consultation

- dolphintherapy session in a pool with dolphins (10 minutes on a dais and 20 minutes in water)

- session with the psychologist

- physiotherapy session


- A free transfer is suggested to the family from the hotel to our center.

- The dolphintherapy procedure starts from the 30 min. swimming with dolphins.

- The specially educated men is holding your child during the procedure.

- The specially educated coach is watching your child on a dais.

- After the swimming the 20 min. relaxing body massage is offered for your child.

- After the end of the whole session the free transfer from our center to the hotel of staying is offered to the family.

The cost of 1 session is 165 EUR).

The successful course of dolphintherapy usually consists of 10 sessions.

You may ask additional questions by phone: +201001173378   +201119788892 , or write an e-mail: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


World Whale and Dolphin Day

The team of Dolphin World dolphinarium is celebrating a fest today - World Whale and Dolphin Day.


This day, on July,23,1986 International Whaling Commission,IWCdenied the whales and dolphins fishing and forbid the trade of dolphins and whales meat.

Dolphin is one of the most smart creatures after human beings on Earth, which is always ready to provide help. It helps us in the Oceans  and Seas, protects us many times against sharks and other predators and helps us to reach the safe shores. It helps us in our dolphintherapy center, curing the diseased children from the illnesses of different kinds.


On this day we would like to wish you all the best and we are looking forward to see you at our place as our quests!

About our actors: Pacific walrus Lila

Pacific walrus Lila


 Lila has achieved much – she has won title "Miss Charming" in the "Chukotka Fashion Models" contest


and become the star of our dolphinarium


Just for 15$ yoyu are welcome to make a photo with our star and take pleasant memories with you


Lila and all Dolphin World's team are looking forward to see you 

and wish you a good, lucky week!


Dear guests of Dolphin World dolphinarium,

We announce you the latest relevant information about our services:

- when booking dolphin swimming directly from us, the prices are going to be 60/5 min, 90/10 min, 115/15 min.

- The price for one ticket is 35$ for adults, 17$ for kids starting with their age of 5 and free for under 5 age children.

After the show you are always welcome to make photos with the animals:

- with dolphins for 15$

- with the walrus for 15$

- with the fur seal for 15$

During the swimming with dolphins you are also welcome to purchase our additional services:

- photo for 8

- videorecord of our show for 10 $

- videorecord of swimming with dolphins for 27 

If you have questions, you are welcome to ask them via phone: +201001173378   +201119788892

We wish you a good weekend!