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A few words about Macady Bay

Macady Bay is a place on a Red Sea shore in Egypt, not far from the Hurghada's airport.

The bay is especially comfortable in terms of location to the beaches and the sea, is fully equipped with all necessary infrastructure and utilities, enobled and ready to give you joy.

And certainly one of the most beautiful places within the Bay itself is our dolphinarium "Dolphin World" in Hurghada, where you can enjoy meeting our marvelous marine animals, but also enjoy our shows and become healthier by visiting our sessions of dolphintherapy.

World Population Day

Dear quests and visitors of our dolphinarium!

The personnel of Dolphin World dolphinary congratulates you with the World Population Day.

According to the UN database, the Earth population consisted of approximately 5 billion people by July,11 1987. That day was called The Five Billion Day. After 2 years in 1989 UN established an international celebration, called The World Population Day, which is celebrated annually on the 11-th of July.

We have prepared a lot of interesting events and show-programms this summer season which bring joy and happiness to you and your close relatives.

All our marine animals are trained professionally, after the show you will receive an opportunity to make photos with the animals, to swim with dolphins and bring little pieces of positive memories to your homes)

We are looking forward to see you!

Dolphin’s dream

The dream of dolphin differs from the dream of human being. If the human being’s process of sleeping characterized by the partial or full absence of consciousness, inactivity of the group of voluntary muscles (the kind of muscles we usually control) and by the inactivity of hearing and smelling, dolphin’s dream seems to be different.

In the process of sleeping dolphin has only one inactive cerebral hemisphere, the second one is always active. The activity of hemispheres during the sleeping process takes place alternately. The left eye of the dolphin will be closed while the right hemisphere is dreaming, the left eye will be closed in case of left hemisphere’s inactivity. Sometimes dolphins keep their bodies on the surface of water during the sleep, sometimes they can slowly swim.

The dolphin’s active brain part is always watching the course of the dolphin, the water condition and controls the functions of breathing.

Scientists observed the dolphins that were able to sleep on the bottom of the pool (coming out from the water to take a breath from time to time).

There are three main reasons why dolphins have this kind of sleeping:

-Dolphins would drown without one active brain part, because they always control the process of breathing

-This kind of sleep gives them an opportunity to check the probable danger

-It helps them to maintain the muscle activity for urgent processes (for instance, for keeping the body temperature in a cold water)

Joint hunt of sharks and dolphins

Sharks and dolphins are considered enemies to each other. On the contrary, there are many cases when flocks of dolphins defended human beings from sharks. However, even dolphins and sharks might have a joint hunt.

Photographer Christopher Swan managed to make incredible, unique photos of their cooperation while hunting the shoal of mackerel fish near the sea line of Azores.

Dolphins prevented the suicidal attempt

The biologist Maddalena Bearzi described an interesting case of girl’s redemption by dolphins. Young girl was about to commit a suicide, but the pack of dolphins rescued her. Maddalena also presented a theory, according to which dolphins have an ability to feel the human being’s presence in the water. This theory was formulated against the contrast theory of other scientists, who declared that some cases of redemption by dolphins cannot be the evidence of their true intentions and these marine mammals are simply playing with the drowning persons. 

Maddalena Bearzi presented the persuasive evidence for her theory. The case with the girl was described in Maddalena’s her new book, called “Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist”.  Female scientist, who are also the president of Ocean Conservation Society gave an interview for Mail Online and told more about this incident.

This story took place in the water area of California State. According to the biologist’s words, her colleagues and she were exploring the habits of dolphins, when the mammals were suddenly distracted from eating their bait and rushed into the deep waters. The scientists were intrigued and started to pursue the pack. After a while they saw some object in the water, surrounded by dolphins. Bearzi remembered that the group of dolphins grouped in the way to create a circle around the object.  Several moments later it became obvious that the object was the girl. When she saw the scientists, she gave a weak signal for helping by raising her hand into an air.

“We took the girl out of water, informed rescuers and went to Marina Del Ray” – told Maddalena. Later they have find out that the 18 year old girl was suffered from hypothermia and decided to spend her vacation in California. For some reasons she decided to commit a suicide (this information was received from her suicide note, which was found later).

“This story shows us, that dolphins are able to feel the presence of man in the water and define his location. They rescued the girl by showing her location to us”. The girl is now fully recovered from the long presence in cold water.