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Dolphin World wishes you happy International Women’s Day!

The whole Universe celebrates a kind and tender holiday – International Women’s Day. We congratulate our relatives and beloved, give them presents and wish happiness. The holiday of March, 8 is loved by everybody – this is a great reason for showing that we care for our close people, and the heroines of the day have a chance to feel themselves on the top of the world.

Dolphin World congratulates their lovely and attentive spectators with this triumphant day! We wish you happiness, health, love and understanding. It would be great to see you and your family in Dolphin World on Women’s day!

We also wish happy International Women’s Day to our hard-working and loyal colleagues and inimitable gifted actresses – Lila the walrus, Smelaya the fur seal and Sabrina the bottlenose dolphin. May all our ladies be successful in their career and personal life, lucky in their work and loved by the applauding audience!

February 19 - World Whale and Dolphin Day

Today is the holiday for everyone concerned about marine mammals - World Whale and Dolphin Day. Being established in 1986, on the day the International Whaling Commission prohibited whaling, it became a great victory of mankind and the hope of marine mammals – both cetaceans and their “neighbors” in the Ocean.

Some years ago it became the day of protection all species of marine mammals. February, 19 is the day of various ecological events and conferences.

World Whale and Dolphin Day is a significant date for Dolphin World. We love our artist and do our best to make them feel at home. We also try to help their wild “relatives”. We struggle against the Ocean pollution and the illegal captures of marine mammals and help the animals endangered. In addition, we visit different scientific events to learn more about our pets.

For example, our Russian colleagues visited the press conference “Whales and Dolphins: Do they need protection?” in the House of The UN. The event was a meeting of press and the experts of the development program of the UN. Our colleagues took part in listening to the scientific report dedicated to the question of marine life conservation and the discussion of the new UN project concerning reserves for sea animals. This was a very useful event that helped us to accept new information about our pets.

Little guests of Dolphin World prefer dolphins

January was an exciting period both for staff and the actors of Dolphin World. Lots of tourists who came to Hurgada for winter holiday were happy to visit our dolphinarium. Marine animals did their best and all of them have deserved thousands of kind reviews. However, tastes of the spectators differ.

For instance, kids are fond of the dolphins. “They are jolly and never turn blue”, one boy said. Children were delighted to see the tricks performed by Sabrina and Gerasim. Those lucky ones who managed to get the painting by their favorites have considered that day as ‘the happiest in their lives’.

However, their parents and grandparents give their nod to the charming walrus Lila and the sporty fur seals Smelaya and Agate. And ladies of all ages are with the crush on the sea lion Dimas – strong, self-confident and irresistibly masculine.

Nevertheless, it does not mean some actors’ superiority. The visitors of Dolphin World confessed that all the animals were brilliant, leaving alone personal preferences. “All of them are great, being a perfect match to each other. Every actor gives a special color to the show that would be poor without even one of them”, our guest from Rostov says. “Dolphin World has gathered real stars, and we were lucky to see them’, he adds.

Dolphin World arranges trips & lodging for dolphintherapy clients

Dolphintherapy is obviously one of the most popular and effective means of alternative medicine. Dolphin World has been practicing it successfully for a long time. Our goal is not only to improve our guest's health. We do our best to provide all necessary conditions for them and to make sure their travel to Egypt is convenient and safe.

It is clear that looking for a tour operator requires too much time. Moreover, their services coast a big deal especially during a holiday season. Dolphin World is ready to fix it all up for you. We will book a return ticket and a room in a hotel for you. This way, you will save your time. You will save your money, too, for we do not require extra payment for our service.

Like this offer? Then everything you have to do is to call us and inform our managers of the date of your arrival. The expenses on tickets and a room will depend on the dates of coming.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Телефон (Viber, whatsApp, Line): +201001173378 +201119788892

Dolphin World had a real celebration

New Year vacation has come to an end, and we are glad to say that it brought lots of magic and delight both to our guests and us. Our adorable audience was our best New Year present. We tried to give our visitors as much joy as we could in return.

A great amount of people willing to swim with dolphins came to us making a real boom. They claimed that meeting these fascinating animals is the best reason for coming to Hurgada. Almost all of them left us with a ‘memory’ – a photo of Dolphin World’s actors.

2013 can be also called ‘the year of dolphintherapy’ for we have already received hundreds of application from people needing dolphins’ medicine. There are still many vacancies but we would recommend you to hurry up – we can run out of them soon!

Thank you for spending these fantastic holiday days with us, we are happy that we were able to make them a kind of a miracle for you. We are looking forward to see you in Dolphin World again!