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The dolphinarium wishes you happy holidays!

Tomorrow is one of the most favourite holidays in Russia, Egypt and other countries. May, 1 is a great holiday of labor, spring and connection of people of the same land and nation.


Dolphin World wishes you happiness and positive emotions. Let this spring remain in your heart forever and not let you turn blue even in hard times. And the dolphinarium will do its best to raise you spirit at our shows and swimming with dolphins sessions. Hope to see you soon!

Happy Vet Day!

Who are the best friends of our actors? Trainers, their assistants and vets, of course. Who else will help our stars when they are ill? Who will give them medicine and look after them to keep them healthy and cheerful?
April, 29 is the most important holiday for our doctors and their marine pets. Vet Day is a tribute to self-sacrificing work of those who take care of animals and their health. Animals cannot take pills or heal an injured limb themselves or go to dentist when they have a toothache. Thus becoming a vet meant to dedicate all your life to saving those who cannot take care of themselves.

Dolphin World congratulates their staff and all their colleagues on Vet Day! We are happy to have such hard-working, attentive and skillful people in our team. It is great that you love animals and always come to their rescue. We wish you luck, personal and career development and satisfaction from your job. May all your patients recover as soon as possible. And please take care of your own health! 

Dolphin World: happy Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is one of the most eagerly awaited holiday in the whole world. It does not matter where you live – all of us love their mums, grandmas, sisters, daughters, wives and girlfriends. Their love, care and dedication to ones they love make our life and our world marvelous.


Dolphin World wishes our fine lady happy Women’s Day! May you be happy, healthy and in a good state of mind. Hope you will always be surrounded by people you really love. And we are looking forward to see you in Dolphin World!

Happy Defender’s Day!

Our country celebrated Defender’s Day on February, 23. It’s not just a holiday for Russian people, but also an honor day for those who fought for our motherland bravely and selflessly. Owing to their heroic deeds we live in a free and powerful state, we have an opportunity to be happy and build our happiness.


Dolphin World wishes happy Defender’s Day to those who protected and still protects honor and future of Russia and its people. May you be strong, self-confident and yourself and endlessly happy! We are proud of you, it is a pleasure for us to see you at our shows. Welcome at DolphinWorld

Dolphin World wishes you happy Valentine’s Day!

St. Valentine’s Day is known all over the world. It is a splendid opportunity to express your feelings to your dearest one or to declare your love to him or her if you haven’t done it before. And it is a great chance to feel the holiday spirit and hope to celebrate next Valentine’s Day with your true love if you are still single.


Dolphin World wishes you happy Valentine’s Day! May those who have already found love be happy, and those who are still alone find their beloved ones as soon as possible. Come to see us in the Dolphinarium with your halves! Our actors will raise your spirit with their bright performance. You will be able to make an unusual present to your sweetheart – a session of swimming with dolphins, a photo with our actors or a whole photo session by the pool. We are happy to greet loving people at the dolphinarium.  And If you are lonely, you may meet you love right in Dolphin World – why not?