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June, 1 -World Children’s Day

The whole world has a great celebration on June, 1 - World Children’s Day. This holiday is one of the oldest as it was established in Geneva during the global convention 87 years ago! Despite its age, the holiday means a lot for each of us. Children are not only a “guarantee of future”, they are the essence and enjoyment of the present. They enforce us to live and become better.

Dolphin World loves this jolly and kind holiday. We are delighted to see lively and exultant kids’ faces at our shows. We congratulate children, their parents and great-parents. May all the children on the Earth grow strong, intelligent and of course happy! Come to see us soon!

First steps: Dolphin World miracle

“Our baby can walk!” First baby steps bring parents to heaven and send them into raptures. But only ones whose child used to be restrained by illness, can feel full taste of happiness and victory at seeing their kid toddle. There has been a significant event in Dolphin World recently – the 4-year old- Egor Sozinov affected ICP began to leg for the first time.

Egor came to Dolphin World with his parents who ordered for him a dolphin therapy course of 22 sessions. However, communications with dolphins, exercises under the guidance of our trainer and water have done what seemed impossible. The boy’s health improved rapidly, and after his 9th session he began to walk without assistance of adults!

Dolphin World congratulates Egor and his family with this unbelievable achievement. We wish Egor health and happiness, may the dark clouds never overshadow his horizon again. It will be a pleasure for us to see him and his parents at our shows!

Dolphin World is grateful to you for your letters

The major goal of Dolphin World is to gift all our spectators with positive feelings. That is why we are concerned by our guests’ feedback. We are always happy see delight in your eyes during the show. And your letters are real joy for us. The references let us realize what is loved by our guests and what needs to be accomplished and worked on. And your kind words help us to see that we do not try in vain.

Some people email Dolphin World. It is a real pleasure for us to learn what tricks are your favorite and what the most memorable moments for you were. The “hit” letter was the one form our young admirer from Russia. The boy was so impressed by musical performances by our walrus Lila that he made up his mind to become a musician. And even he will choose another occupation when he grows up, it is marvelous that visiting Dolphin World was such an amazement for him.

The staff of Dolphin World is always glad to receive your letters –please leave your references in the guest book or email us at 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The water temperature of Dolphin World will rise soon

Those who register for dolphin therapy are concerned about the water conditions and temperature. It is especially significant for parents who make application for their children. Dolphin World is extremely cautious about water treatment that is why we have never had troubles with it. And hot climate of Egypt “helps us to keep the appropriate temperature of water. At the beginning of April the water temperature is 20-22 degrees already!

The staff of Dolphin World expects water temperature to rise for 2-3 degrees in summer.

Dolphin World congratulates everybody with Mother’s Day of Egypt!

March, 21 is one of the most significant dates in Egypt. It is Mother’s Day, established in 1959. Family relations are one of the most essential values of the nation, and people treat their mothers with remarkable kindness and respect. The Egyptians visit their numerous relatives and congratulate those who gifted them with life on March, 21.

Dolphin World wishes you happy Mother’s Day, a happy holiday for the whole family. We are glad to live in such a country where people love and honor their mothers so much and value family relations to a great degree. We will be glad to see you and your relatives in Dolphin World today and any other day!