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Dolphin World opens the application season

Dolphin World can be proud of the successful beginning of the year. We have taken in numbers of guests and arranged lots of sessions of swimming with dolphins and photo shoots near the pools. Moreover, we started to receive new applications for dolphin therapy.  The dolphinarium has already reserved some places for future month and even for spring. The choice of the guests is evident – Dolphin World is famous for successful dolphin therapy sessions. Moreover, Dolphin World does not raise prices during the beginning and the middle of the holiday season.

The number of applications keeps growing, so you’d better hurry up! We will be glad to grant your applications by phone +201001173378  +201119788892  or email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Come to see us in Hurgada!

Dolphin World: happy New Year!

The happy hour anticipated by thousands is approaching. What can compare to seeing New Year in with your family? This tradition will last forever. Everyone loves to give and receive presents, have a good time with family and friends and make a wish as the clock strikes 12.

The dolphinarium wishes you happy New Year! Friends and admirers mean a lot for us. We’d never be so successful without your push. May you be gifted with health, loyal and true friends and devoted love next year. Hope that all your dreams that seem unattainable now will come true in 2014. We love you and can’t wait to see you at the dolphinarium shows.

Dolphinarium Dolphin World makes models

How to save memories of the best time of your life? “Photos” sounds like the most obvious answer. Everyone who visits the dolphinarium adores to have a picture of themselves and the animals taken. Dolphin World guests are allowed to be captured in the company of dolphins, the fur seals and the walrus. Who is the most popular?

It turned out that the majority prefers dolphins. “These animals are very kind and calm, it’s a treat to deal with them”, says one of the guests. Their comrades are not deprived of attention as well. The fur seals Agat and Smelaya and the walrus Lila are also highly appreciated in the photos.

Daresay that the animals don’t leave this favour unanswered and pose in front of the cameras. Lila seems to enjoy the process most of all. This actress was not awarded the title  "Miss Charming" in the "Chukotka Fashion Models in vain – the dolphinarium is proud of her gracious and natural manner in from of the photographer. The visitors say that the animals are not only actors and sportsmen but models as well.

You can see the prices on photos here

Swimming with dolphins in Dolphin World? After the show!

Swimming with dolphins seems to be everybody’s dream. The dolphinarium Dolphin World arranges swimming with dolphins sessions twice a day – from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. after the show. As the staff states, the majority of guests prefer the evening time. As the visitors say they’d like to have a nap in the morning before visiting Dolphin World. Moreover, lots of them decide to swim with dolphins after seeing the show. “Prices are not too high, the animals are amazing… it’s hard to say no to swimming after seeing them”, the spectators.

Anyway, time means nothing for Dolphin World and the animals. We are happy to see you both in the morning and in the evening.  Welcome to the dolphinarium any day except  Saturday – it is a day-off  for us. The prices for swimming with dolphins vary from 60to 115 . Come to see us!

Dolphinarium “Aquatoria”: best wishes, dear moms!

Mother… She’s your first friend, a wise advisor, strict but fair counselor and just a person for whom you will always be №1. It’s a pity that sometimes we lack time to tell them how much we love them. However, there was a chance to right the ship. It was Mother’s Day – a chance to do something pleasant for your mom or just tell her: “ I love you!”

Dear moms! The Dolphinarium congratulates you on your day. May you always be happy and beloved, may your children always be healthy. WE are happy to see you at the dolphinarium shows.  It’s a great reward for us to see you and your children happy and having fun. Come to “Aquatoria” with your children!
P.S. Mind – you can not only treat your children but you as well! You can book a swimming with dolphins session or a dolphin therapy course at  our dolphinarium.