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Pictures of dolphin therapy and a disk as a present!

Having a good time is not the only reason of going to Egypt for Dolphin World guests. Dolphin therapy is one more excuse of seeing Hurgada and our animals. Dolphins helped lots of our patients to get rid of serious diseases. Is it surprising that our guests have fabulous memories of their trip to Egypt? “Dolphin therapy is the thing we’d like to remember for the rest of our lives”, one client confessed. Well, it is possible. What can save memories better than… photos?

The pictures of dolphin therapy can be made either with your or our camera. 1 photo is 10$. Those who order more than 7 pictures will receive a present. Dolphin World will record a disk with all pictures of dolphin therapy for them. We hope they will cherish the memories of your journey to Egypt. Dolphin therapy is happiness for people and animals. May the pictures recall you of this joy again and again!

Just a call to get a dolphins show ticket!

How to see a dolphins show at Dolphin World? You can, for instance, buy a ticket in tourists’ shops of the city or in aqua centers of Hurgada. Also you can purchase it in the hotels of Hurgada. It’s also possible to call the dolphinarium and book a ticket.

Thousands of ways, as you can see. We have carried out an investigation to find out how our visitors purchase their tickets. The majority turned out to reserve seats by phone. There’s no surprise – it is more convenient, easier and you needn’t to walk anywhere. Moreover, it takes those who called to Dolphin World no time to get to see the show. We send a taxi for you, and it will take you to the dolphinarium and back.

We are happy that reserving tickets is such a success. Looking forward to see you at dolphins and other animals show!

Dolphin World: contact is to be joy!

The Dolphin World visitors come both the watch the show and meet the actors. Swimming with dolphins is a dream for all of them. The guests often would like their children to enjoy swimming with the animals as well. But what shall parents do if a kid suddenly rejects swimming? How shall they get their money back? How to raise everyone’s spirits after such a hardship?

The dolphinarium returns money only if a child has changed his or her mind before going to the pool. However, if you kid decided not to swim being in water already, the funds are not usually returned. Anyway, the staff of the dolphinarium does everything to remedy the situation. For instance, parents of other relatives of the reluctant clients are granted with the opportunity to swim instead of them . If children are afraid of water, they can just contact dolphins from the platform. Dolphin World also arranges photosets by the pool for those who are unwilling to swim.

Anyhow, we will help you to find a decision that will suit you! It will be an honor for us to see you and your children at Dolphin World!

Dolphin World observes the temperature of water

Though the holiday season is over, there are still  lots of guests willing to have a swim with the dolphins. The animal practitioners have many patients as well. Thus the staff of the dolphinarium is busy now. One of major goals is to observe the temperature in the pool in order the guests catch no cold.

Now nothing threatens the guests of the dolphinarium. The temperature of the water is 20-21 °С. The temperature of the air reaches 30 °С. In case ones can consider it cold, Dolphin World is ready to offer dry suits to keep warm. This the dolphinarium claims: no cold is possible! Feel free to come and enjoy splashes, moving and playing with our dolphins!

October, 23 - National Liberation Day!

The whole nation celebrates National Liberation Day of Egypt on October, 23. It reminds of 1956 when England, France and Israel attempted to colonize Egypt. However, the state managed to preserve its independence with the help of the USSR.

The dolphinarium Dolphin World congratulate the Egyptians with this date. We are proud that there was our country that supported Egypt these days, so we are friends still. May you never lose your courage and fight to the end! Hope to see you in the dolphinarium today and any other day except Saturday!